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To make boutique amplification what it is meant to be.

HDR Amplification is a small yet Highly Dynamic boutique company established in the South of Czech Republic in 2013. Since then we have enjoyed continuous growth, offering a wide Range of products including custom tube amplifiers, cabinets, pedals and accessories.

We do our best to make boutique amplification what it is meant to be - high quality, handbuilt with great attention to detail, ready to cope with the most demanding challenges. And, last but not least, always truly respectful of customers and their particular needs.

These are things that could be taken for granted in a perfect world,
but the truth is that boutique amp business has changed a lot since schematics and other useful information became easily available on the internet. Today, there are more boutique amp and pedal builders than ever before. The question is: are they all that good, or do some of them just rip off someone's work, having no idea of the theory behind? And does it even matter?

In fact, an approach like "copy this or that, put it together and hope it works" is not quite the same as a genuine audio device design based on in-depth electrical knowledge. Even the most simple audio circuit is not just a list of standalone components - there is always a certain level of comlexity that cannot be understood without sufficient proficiency. This is where the line is set between professionals and self-called gurus.

We believe that the only right way forward is to produce high quality amps and effects without the need to replace technical facts with pseudoscientific myths. Amp building is not black magic; it is just a little science. Since there is no audible phenomenon that cannot be explained in terms of physics, there is no problem that cannot be solved or a sound that cannot be achived. We are here to make your wishes come true.

Pavel Horáček, 2013
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